Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Shattered Medallion: Clues, Hints, and Theories

     Today is part 2 of our discussion on The Shattered Medallion! Here is a list of what we do know. If you have any questions about how this information was discovered, just leave a comment and I will be happy to help you!

Abbreviation: MED
Location: New Zealand
Characters: Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin, (most likely) George Fayne, 3 other male characters, 3 other female characters
Phone Friends: ???
Plot: Nancy and George are contestants on a Survivor-like tv show called Pacific Run. The actual mystery is unknown.
Book based on:

     I will update this list as we learn more about the game. Now onto the rumors. My first thought (and as I've seen on the HeR message boards, many other people thought the same thing) was related to this:

The production company for Pacific Run

     Doesn't that just scream Sonny Joon??! If it is Sonny, is he trying to lure Nancy into a trap, or will Nancy just bump into him again (and maybe even see him this time!). Another theory is that there will either be no culprit or a returning culprit (possibly from RAN??). The accidents happening to the contestants could really just be nothing more than accidents. 

     Another thing to note is that we have not heard from George in quite a while. Either something has been going on with her and it will be revealed in this game, or HeR is having come problems with the character and/or voice actress. In the trailer, Pacific Run accidentally refers to George as "Greg". Some fans are afraid that this may result in a problem and Nancy will really end up on the show with an unknown "Greg" and George will not be able to make it.

     On Tuesday, Little Jackalope hid a secret message in her post on the Amateur Sleuth blog. It said "He is coming." Who is he?? No one knows yet, but I think it sounds like another hint towards Sonny Joon! What are your thoughts?? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I really hope it could be a hint for Sonny...but I really don't want to see him as a character...maybe a phone contact? I don't want my image of him to be squished.