Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Does Nancy Drew Look Like?

     For those of you who don't know, HeR Interactive is a game company that has been making Nancy Drew games for 15 years. They have made 28 ND games. Their most recent one, Ghost of Thornton Hall came out the beginning of this month. At the end of every game is a trailer for the next one.

     The trailer for the newest game was very short and only revealed a small amount of information, but it has everyone very curious and excited. These are the things we know about the game:

  1. It will be called The Silent Spy
  2. It will be set in Glasgow, Scotland
  3. It will be about Nancy's MOM!
     You can watch the trailer here:

     There are a lot of people who are excited about this game, but some people are not looking forward to it. Not much is known about Nancy's mother or how she died. And a lot of people want it to stay that way. Here is what we do know:

  • Nancy was only three years old when her mother died (ten in the original Classic books)
  • Her maiden name was Austin
  • Her family to America from Scotland and her grandmother (Nancy's Great-Grandmother) still lives there
  • She died of a long, mysterious illness
     The French Nancy Drew books say that her first name was Elise, her maiden name was Beauchamp, and she is from Louisiana. In the 2002 pilot episode of a Nancy Drew show that never took off, Nancy says that her mother died of a heart attack. I have also heard some people say that she died in a car accident, but I am not sure where that came from.

     Some people are very concerned that, because this game is about Nancy's mom, we may finally see her dad, Carson in this game. We have talked to him over the phone a few times, but never actually see him. This may also be our chance to see Hannah, Ned, Nancy's Great-Grandmother, and maybe even Nancy herself. Personally, I will not be bothered by seeing anyone in this game. I actually want to! I have seen so many different interpretations of what people think Nancy and her family and friends look like that seeing one more will not bother me a bit and I am interested in knowing how HeR imagines Nancy to look. Here are a few different versions of what people have thought Nancy to look like over the years:

Graphic Novel 1, Girl Detective 44, Emma Roberts, Tracy Ryan
Classic 44, Classic 1, Girl Detective 41, Several Different Pictures
     What are your thoughts about possibly seeing what Nancy or certain other characters look like in a HeR Interactive game for the first time?


Random Fact of the Week: Nancy has been portrayed by twelve different actresses in movies and on tv shows in the last 83 years!


  1. I REALLY want to see how nancy looks like
    I wonder if her mother is really dead I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Anonymous: I am excited too! Hopefully the game will come out a little earlier than usual since the spring/summer games have been!