Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Classic Reissues & Fansites

     While I was reading through Jennifer Fisher's Nancy Drew Sleuths blog earlier today, I discovered that the first four books in the Classic Nancy Drew series are being reissued! They will get new covers, but the text will remain the same as it has been since 1959. Here are the covers:

     Personally, I think it is a fabulous idea and I love the new covers! They are bright and intriguing. I have yet to discover the artist's name. They will be priced the same as the regular Classics ($7.99) and the internal illustrations will remain the same as before. They will be released in May of 2014.

     Also, I have found some great Nancy Drew fansites recently and wanted to share them with you!

     Can You Name the Nancy Drew Characters (for the computer games)
     and I don't think I've ever shown you this ND song by reliant K:


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