Monday, July 15, 2013

My Awesome Book & Books For Sale

     Today I bought a really neat Nancy Drew book from my sister. I find this book to be super cool because... *drum roll*

     It is written in braille! My sister received this book as a Christmas present a few years ago because she is very interested in braille, but since she cannot read braille yet, she decided I could have it! I found out that there are at least 20 other Classic and Digest books like this one, but I'm not sure how long they were made, or if they are still making them. This one was published in 2002. Most of the books are in two parts. Unfortunately, I only have the second part. Here is what the book looks like on the inside:

The Table of Contents

The Center Page

     Eventually I would like to get the first part of the book also. I have also discovered braille Hardy Boys books, when looking on Ebay. Speaking of Hardy Boys books, I have a lot (some very old) that I am putting up for sale along with a few Nancy Drew books. I will post pictures and prices very soon in my next post. Let me know in the comments section if you are interested in purchasing any or all of them!



  1. Earlier this year I came across the site that publishes/sells Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Braille books - I hadn't known about them before. And it's so cool seeing these pages! :) Thanks for posting them - they're definitely super cool! :D I think it's so awesome that excellent mysteries are in Braille! :)

  2. Really?!! What was the website? I think it's awesome too! My great-grandmother (who also loved Nancy Drew) was blind and I think it's really special that they have these books available in braille!

    1. Let me go get the link....Ok, here's for Nancy and here's for The Hardy Boys Yep, this is very cool! :) There are some errors on the HB page - Trouble Times Two, Castle Conundrum, Ghost of a Chance, Kick-off to Danger, and The Test Case are all part of the Hardy Boys series not the Casefiles. And on the ND page most of it's correct with the series, except for one, Choosing Sides, is part of the Files series, not Casefiles. Looks like there are two different prices - one for Grade 2 Braille and a more expensive one for Grade 1 Braille. You probably already know all about that, but I just learned after reading about it on the site. :)
      That's really cool that your great-grandmother loved Nancy Drew! :) I agree! :)

  3. Ok, great! Thanks! I just bookmarked those pages :)