Monday, July 22, 2013

River Heights

     For those of you who don't know, River Heights is the town that Nancy and her friends Bess and George live in. Most of the books were set in River Heights, but very few tell its geographical location. A few books in spin off series, such as the Files, say that River Heights is in Illinois. Where is River Heights? is a website that goes through all of the clues given in books (street names, nearby towns, etc.) to find out where River Heights really is. In the end, the author comes up with five possible cities that River Heights could have been modeled after, with Toledo, Ohio having the most points.

     Although a map of River Heights has never appeared in any of the books, several people have drawn their own maps. Below are two of my favorites.

Map 1
Map 2

     Map 1 was drawn, I believe, by Betsy Caprio and was printed in her book Girl Sleuth on the Couch: The Mystery of Nancy Drew. This map is my favorite, because it is very detailed. The only thing I don't like is that the Drew home doesn't appear to be in a neighborhood like the books describe.

     Map 2 is the map featured in HeR Interactive's 25th Nancy Drew game, Alibi in Ashes. This is also one of my favorites, because of it's detail and accuracy. Although you cannot see in this picture, whenever you put your cursor over one of the building's it gives the name of the building, even if you can't go inside. On the map are places such as Fenley Place, Chatham Central High School, Shady Glen Cemetary, and lots more! It is very fun to see all of these locations that we've read about in the books on a map in a computer game! If you drive up to one of these locations, but are unable to go inside, you are still able to hear sounds. At Fenley Place there is screaming and at Shady Glen Cemetary there is crying.

      When I first read the Where is River Heights? website I thought that River Heights was actually Toledo, Ohio, but now that I've read more of the books I think it is somewhere in Illinois, near Chicago. What about you? Where do you think River Heights is? Comment your thoughts!


Note: I am needing my Dad's help posting about my Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew books that I have for sale, but he is out of town, so I will probably be posting about them within the next 3 posts :)


  1. I agree - I've definitely noticed that the books indicate that River Heights is in Illinois. :)

    And as I started reading your post, I was thinking about Alibi in Ashes (I've started playing this game and I'm enjoying it very much! :D), and there's the map from it - cool! :D

  2. That's so cool! You'll love the game, it's really great! What other games have you played??

  3. Glad to hear that about Alibi in Ashes! :D It's definitely cool so far - I love Ned driving around helping her and trying to clear her name as well as George and Bess helping. :) That scene near the beginning in the courthouse - eeeek! Ok, I admit, it took more than one try to get out of the room! :P I personally think she could have gotten out of there after climbing my carefully arranged pile of boxes, etc., on that stool! ;) When it started to fall she should have just jumped and grabbed hold of that window at the top of the door! ;) :P

    I've also played Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (love it! :D Love the Hardys! :D), Royal Tower, Danger on Deception Island, The Haunted Carousel, The Final Scene, Shadow Ranch, Ghost Dogs at Moon Lake, Secret of the Old Clock - all of those are great! :D I have Phantom of Venice, Ransom of the Seven Ships, Warnings at Waverly Academy also but haven't played them yet. I'm very anxious to get Deadly Device - I've heard great things about the sleuthing and because the Hardys are phone guests! :D

  4. :O You should DEFINITELY play VEN! It reveals a ton of information which we believe will come up more in SPY! I don't want to reveal too much though!

  5. I'm hoping to play that one very soon! :D