Thursday, September 12, 2013

More on The Silent Spy and Recent Nancy Drew Happenings

The Silent Spy cover art!!!

     Just recently a lot of information has been released about HeR Interactive's upcoming game, The Silent Spy! The trailer will be released on Monday, September 16. This is the same day pre-orders begin. When you pre-order a physical or digital download copy of the game you will receive the bonus edition. The bonus edition includes:

●   "Play classic mini-games on your cell phone!
●   Find and collect exclusive in-game phone charms!
●   Receive additional texts on your in-game cell phone!
●   Find and listen to an exclusive audio clip in the cabin!
●   Earn a unique in-game award!"
Taken from the SPY game page

     The character profiles have also been released! You can view them here: SPY Characters
And last, but not least, there are four screenshots from the game that have been posted! Here they are:

"Tucked away amongst the trees of Loch Lomond are the
cabin and training arena. Is this a safe place to
hide? Or does danger follow you here?"

"The Brae Training Area provides you
with the space to hone your combat skills.
The gadgets in here may also prove useful
to your investigation."

"Welcome to Glaucus Lodge, your hotel
in Glasgow! The courtyard is the perfect
place to meet with the locals and
inconspicuously grab a snack."

"Your cozy hotel room may be your
temporary home base, but don't take your
safety for granted. Your enemies can
still find you seven floors up."
     My personal favorites are the Loch Lomond and the Glaucus Lodge! A bit of information that was not revealed, but discovered, is that the woman on the cover art is indeed Nancy's mom, Kate Drew! If you go to the merchandise store, you will see that the image is tagged "Agent Kate"!

     In the world of Nancy Drew books, we are just twelve days away from the release of Once Upon a Thriller, the fourth book in the Diaries series. I also found out that the book shown below is set for release in winter of 2014. The series says Nancy Drew Diaries, but the titles are of graphic novels that were released in 2005. Obviously, from the home page, they are still graphic novels, so I'm not sure if Simon & Schuster are allowing Papercutz to re-release all of the Nancy Drew Graphic novels as Graphic Diaries, or not. The Demon of River Heights and Writ in Stone may or may not be the only books released in this format.

Is this the first in a set of new
Nancy Drew Graphic Diaries??


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