Monday, September 23, 2013

New Blog & New Puzzle

     Hi everyone! Check out my new blog! I created the new blog to post more about ND games and things like that. Just so you know, I am not abandoning this blog! I will still post on it often, I just decided to keep this one for the ND books and the new one for the ND games. (Unless something major happens with the games, then it will go on here also). I hope you enjoy reading them both!

     In other news: I have a new puzzle for you to solve! This is a matching puzzle based on the revised Classic ND series. Enjoy!


Can You Match the Criminal to the Crime?? (Highlight post to reveal answers!)

1. The Black Snake Colony (F, from The Secret of Red Gate Farm)
2. Bushy Trott (A, from The Secret in the Old Attic)
3. The Channings, Sidney Boyd, and Dunstan Lake (J, from The Mystery at the Ski Jump)
4. Felix Raybolt (E, from The Clue in the Diary)
5. Nitaka (H, from The Clue in the Old Album)
6. Peter Tombar (B, from The Clue of the Velvet Mask)
7. Benny "The Slippery One" Caputti (I, from The Thirteenth Pearl)
8. Louis Aubert (D, from The Mystery of the 99 Steps)
9. Edgar Nixon (G, from Nancy's Mysterious Letter)
10. Nathan Gomber (C, from The Hidden Staircase)

A. Music Theft
B. Robbery
C. Haunting a House
D. Fake Chemist
E. Insurance Fraud
F. Counterfeiters
G. Lonely Hearts Club
H. Doll Theft
I. Jewel Theft
J. Selling Fake Stock

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