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Nancy Drew: Girl Detective

     It is time to discuss the third Nancy Drew series, Nancy Drew: Girl Detective! The following paragraphs are an excerpt from a book I am working on about everything Nancy Drew. Enjoy!

     "In March of 2004, shortly after the digest series ended, a new Nancy Drew series began. It was called the Girl Detective series. According to Simon and Schuster, 'Nancy Drew has a new spring in her step. And it's no wonder: We've given her whole world more oomph. In the all new Nancy Drew, we've enhanced and expanded everything you've loved about Nancy, Bess, George, and the rest of Nancy's crew. You loved the series before, but with more, dimension, you'll love the series even more now! Learn why River Heights is such a hotbed of criminal activity, meet some new key sources of information for Nancy on all her cases, become acquainted with Nancy's new nemesis, and become even closer friends with Bess and George. And that's just the beginning...'

This series portrays Nancy much differently than any other series ever has, but she is still dedicated to solving whatever challenges that lie ahead. When she's on your trail, you had better watch out because nothing can stop her! A big change in this series is that they are now written in first person, almost always from Nancy's point of view. All of the characters in this series are also a bit different from the Classic series, but they are still loosely shaped around the way they started out. Bess is still a total girly girl, but this time around, without her boyfriend, Dave Evans, she tends to be a bit more flirty. Another change to Bess that is very different is that she has pretty much turned into a mechanic. She can fix almost anything and pick any lock you give her. This change takes some getting used to as Bess has never been this way before, but it certainly helps Nancy solve many of her cases!

George has also been changed a bit, but in a way that (to me) seems very much like George if she were a real person living today. Now she is totally into electronics and knows all about computers and any other electronic device you could imagine. Also, unlike the classic series, her name is no longer just plain George, it is now Georgia, but she can't stand Georgia, so everyone just calls her George. Everyone except for her parents, that is. Another change to the cousins is that they now have siblings. George has an older and a younger brother and Bess has a little sister.

Nancy also experienced a bit of a change when this series first appeared. Aside from when she is solving a mystery, Nancy is very clumsy and forgetful. Always forgetting to fill her car up with gas, or forgetting her date with Ned, or any number of things. She even has Charlie Adams, the River Heights mechanic, on her speed dial because she forgets to put gas in her car so often! Charlie has also stopped charging Nancy because he has to help her out so much.

Mr. Drew and Hannah stay pretty much the same, but all of a sudden, Chief McGinnis has become very impolite to Nancy. He seems to think that she is always "sticking her nose where it doesn't belong," or interfering with other people's business. I do understand that she does solve many cases that started out as his, but if he really were a good police chief you would think that he would be glad that his community is safe, no matter who puts the criminals in jail!

Ever since book 30 came out in June, 2008, the mysteries have been in trilogies. Three books all written about the same mystery to make one long, intricate mystery! These books are still available in bookstores although they are no longer being written. This series also has three Super Mysteries and six Crossovers. The Crossovers include both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. This series ended on February 21, 2012 with the forty-seventh book in the series, Stalk, Don't Run."


  1. Without a Trace
  2. A Race Against Time
  3. False Notes
  4. High Risk
  5. Lights... Camera...
  6. Action!
  7. The Stolen Relic
  8. The Scarlet Macaw Scandal
  9. Secret of the Spa
  10. Uncivil Acts
  11. Riverboat Ruse
  12. Stop the Clock
  13. Trade Wind Danger
  14. Bad Times, Big Crimes
  15. Framed
  16. Dangerous Plays
  17. En Garde
  18. Pit of Vipers
  19. The Orchid Theif
  20. Getting Burned
  21. Close Encounters
  22. Dressed to Steal
  23. Troubled Waters
  24. Murder on the Set
  25. Trails of Treachery
  26. Fishing for Clues
  27. Intruder!
  28. Mardi Gras Mystery
  29. Stolen Bones
  30. Pageant Perfect Crime
  31. Perfect Cover
  32. Perfect Escape
  33. Secret Identity
  34. Identity Theft
  35. Identity Revealed
  36. Model Crime
  37. Model Menace
  38. Model Suspect
  39. Green-Eyed Monster
  40. Green With Envy
  41. Seeing Green
  42. Secret Sabotage
  43. Serial Sabotage
  44. Sabotage Surrender
  45. California Schemin
  46. Mystery at Malachite Mansion
  47. Stalk, Don't Run
Super Mysteries:
Where's Nancy?
Once Upon a Crime
Real Fake

Terror on Tour
Danger Overseas Club Dread
Gold Medal Murder
Bonfire Masquerade
Stage Fright

Also, Nancy Drew Ghost Stories

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